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Ericeira is a lovely Portuguese fishing town that is situated along a coastline of outstanding surfing beaches. This powerful and reliable surf has transformed peaceful Ericeira into a surfing mecca; boasting both a chilled daytime scene and a lively nightlife, along with excellent accommodation options and top-rated tourist facilities. Today Ericeira is a perfect fusion of Portuguese heritage with an ultra-cool surfing ambience, where traditional fishermen’s cottages nestle amongst trendy lounge bars and cafes. Ericeira is adored by the Portuguese, who flock to the town in the summer months, drawn by the beautiful beaches and delicious seafood.

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Hotels for Surfers

Hostel and Surf Camp 55: This is my favourate Hotel/Hostel I stayed at and I recommend. It is very friendly and convenient for both solo, couples and group travellers and offers good value for money. It is located just a 5-minute walk from the beach. Featuring a relaxed and colourful decoration, Hostel 55 provides rooms and beds in dormitories with access to shared bathroom facilities. Guests can enjoy panoramic views of the sea and socialize in the shared lounge. Guests can prepare their own meals using the shared kitchen. In addition themed or traditional dinners are often organized. Guests can taste the local gastronomy and have wine tasting sessions. Hostel 55 can organize surf lessons and provide a variety of discounts for their guests. Discounts include bicycle and board rental plus discounts in a tattoo, skate and surf shop. Guests have the chance to learn about all the surf secrets and experience great soundtracks with invited DJ sessions. Mafra with its National Palace is 6.2 miles away and the mystic town of Sintra is a 30-minute drive. Lisbon International Airport is 28 miles away...

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Night Life in Ericeira

Ericeira is popular and lively due to its great surf scene and really comes alive during the summer. Besides helpful locals and surfers as well as visitors from around Europe, you are likely to run into plenty of visitors from Lisbon and other areas. Lisbonites love to get away from the capital for a bit of sun and surf just like everyone else. And like everyone else, or perhaps more so, they appreciate music, cold beers, mixed drinks or a nice glass of wine to unwind in the evening...Below is a list of Top Bars, Restaurants and Clubs in Ericeira:
Bar & Restaurant: Ribeira Dllhas Surf: Boasting a prime location on the Ericeira beachfront, the Ribeira Dâllhas Surf Restaurant and Bar attracts a huge clientele wishing to make the most of the beach atmosphere and crisp sea air. Well known for serving some of the best seafood in town, this restaurant doubles as a beachfront bar offering an impressive variety of wines, beers and spirits.
Bar: Tubo Popular among the twenty- to thirty-somethings, this post-surf bar and its severed VW bus ât spills out onto the street. There's live music every Wednesday and in summer from 10pm a DJ sets the mood.
Club: Ourio: One of Portugal's oldest discos, catering to night owls of all ages, with a mix of pop, dance, oldies and dance-floor standards.
Bar: Jukebox: This laid-back little spot blasts '80 alternative music (with occasional live music). It is known for mixing a decent cocktail.
Craft Beer: Mean Sardine Beer Corner: You could do worse than knocking back a fresh pint from Ericeira's own Mean Sardine Brewery on the sea-view terrace at Santa Marta ât Lounge Cafe.
Bar: Sunset Bamboo: This casual place is almost summed up by its name. It offers a relaxed beach-town vibe and is a perfect spot for an afternoon drink, whether a fruit juice or a cocktail. There's a light menu of sandwiches and snacks.
Bar: Nesha: This otherwise unexciting bar offers Ericeira's best selection of local c.

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Ericeira is a spot with perfect waves lots of places to surf with a great natural beauty and quality and the uniquely beautiful surrounding, so much so that the area was officially recognised back in October 2011, when it was named as a World Surf Reserve. Ericeira, pronounced Eery-Say-Reh, is the surf capital of Portugal, often described as a Surfing Mecca due to its abundance of waves...

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Ericeira Surf Spots

Best time for Beginners: May - Sept
Best time for Intermediates: June - Oct
Best time for Advanced: Sept - January
Types of breaks: Ericeira is world famous for its diversity of waves, it has everything from beach breaks, reefs, slabs, wedges and point breaks.
Weather: Ericeira has a nice climate all year round due to it’s position between the balmy Algarve and the wetter northern areas near Porto.The winter months between November and March can be 16°C and sunny during the day but gets cold at night, dropping down to lows of 6°C. April, May and June can reach up to 24°C degrees during the day before dropping to lows of 10°C at night. July, August, September and October can reach highs of 31°C before dropping to lows of 15°C once the sun sets. The area can get misty and foggy, especially in the mornings as the cold Atlantic breeze clashes with the warm heat generated inland.
Water Temp: The water temperature in Ericeira doesn't fluctuate too much, this is due to the northern winds, known as as˜The Nortada’ teaming up with the cold Canarian Current to prevent the water from ever matching the summer air temperatures. A light 2/2 or 3/2 steamer will do during the summer months and in mid-winter a 4/3 and boots will do the job. June - October hits highs of 18°C and between November to May ranges from 16°C to 13°C.